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I found Doctor Strange a-okay. It was interesting because it featured Benedict Cumberbatch. And his signature talking style. Also, they tried to make it funny with Doctor Strange trying to be funny. Cast: 4/5 Acting: 3.5/5 Direction: 3/5 Plot/Story-line: 3/5 Attention Span: 3/5 Cinematography/Costume: 3/5 Ending: 4/5 The other thing I liked was the ending.… Continue reading [Movie Review] DOCTOR STRANGE

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[Season Review] How to Get Away with Murder S03

This series is so freaking great. This season as usual was soo good. <Spoiler> This season was different in the manner that this time someone in their group got murdered. The Breakdown: Cast: 4/5 Acting: 5/5 Direction: 4.5/5 Plot: 4/5 Attention Span: 5/5 Ending: 5/5 I love Laurie and when that happened I was sad… Continue reading [Season Review] How to Get Away with Murder S03

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I haven’t read this book but I was super excited for this movie. I watched it two days ago with my sister. I loved it. It was interesting, funny, engaging, magical and I loved the cinematography.  Cast:4/5 Acting:5/5 Direction:4/5 Story/Plot: 4/5 Cinematography: 4/5 Attention Span:4/5 Ending: 4/5 It was reminiscent of Harry Potter and knowing… Continue reading [Movie Review] FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM