Goal: I want to complete the already started series. Tackle the remaining ones. Also, 5 new books…
Will try to read these this year. If not. It’s a lost cause. LOL.
2014-15 YTBR Books: (Deets, here.)
Zelah Green (Read 5/4/14)
Rogue (Read 3/13/14)
Pride (Read 5/2/14)
Prey (Read 5/2/14)
Shift  (Read 5/3/14)
Alpha (Read 5/3/14)
Vampire University (Read 7/20/14)
Storm of Swords (Read 6/14/14)
The Fiery Heart (Read 5/2/14)
Boy Meets Girl (Read 5/24/14)
Demon Glass (Read 2/18/14)
Spell Bound (Read 2/22/14)
Crescendo (Read 8/12/14)
The Fall of Five (Read 6/19/14)
Shadow of Night (Read 7/18/14)
You Should Have Known (Read 8/2/15)
The Book of Life (Read: 1/14/15)

Here’s to hoping I can manage to finish many of these.

Happy Reading.



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